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Healthcare 4.0 & Digital Transformation


Pandemic & Digital Transformation

This is part of the course titled: "Decide Wisely: A Guide to Choosing A Medical Specialty In The Post-Pandemic Digital Healthcare Era." Module: "0 - Logarithmic to Algorithmic Change - Industry 4.0 to Healthcare 4.0"

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Building a Virtual Care Strategy: Why VOI (Value on Investment) Matters More Than ROI -


Reimburse Value and Outcome - Not activity (fee-for-service)

A digital tool promised to help patients manage their diabetes. Then the hospital behind it pulled the plug - Link

"The reason did not have to do with the program’s potential benefit to Cone’s patients, but rather the harm to its bottom line"

Deep learning model classifies brain tumors with single MRI scan

"A team of researchers have developed a deep learning model that is capable of classifying a brain tumor as one of six common types using a single 3D MRI scan, according to a new study." - Link

MRI-based Identification and Classification of Major Intracranial Tumor Types Using a 3D Convolutional Neural Network: A Retrospective Multi-Institutional Analysis - Link

Medically Aware GPT-3 as a Data Generator for Medical Dialogue Summarization - PDF - YouTube

In medical dialogue summarization, .. must capture all the medically relevant information in the dialogue. We present an algorithm to create synthetic training data with an explicit focus on capturing medically relevant information. We utilize GPT-3 ... high quality training data that can further be combined with human labeled data to get summaries that are strongly preferable to those produced by models trained on human data alone both in terms of medical accuracy and coherency.