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Life Style Consideration - Steps to Follow | Choosing A Medical Specialty in Post Pandemic Era

Medicine is not just a profession, but is a way of life. So, it's really important to have a vision of how your choice of specialty will have an impact on your whole life.

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Understanding Exponential Change (in Healthcare)

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Embrace & Prepare for Healthcare 4.0

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The most fundamental skill: Intentional learning and the career advantage - Must Read <

The above lectures are part of the course: "Decide Wisely: A Guide to Choosing A Medical Specialty In The Post-Pandemic Digital Healthcare Era." Module: 0 - Logarithmic to Algorithmic Change - Industry 4.0 to Healthcare 4.0

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Neural Database

Facebook AI has developed a new approach called neural databases, which enables machines to search unstructured data — which might range from vast collections of text to recordings of songs — similar to how traditional systems can search a typical structured database. With neural databases, it might one day be possible to run a complex query such as “What is the third-longest entry about a Russian-born novelist?” directly on Wikipedia, for example.

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China, Semiconductors, and the Push for Independence - Part 1

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Introduction to MLOps for Data Science

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